Euphonik opens up about his partner

On the most recent episode of WTF Tumi, the media personality talked about his own life, many individuals realize that Euphonik likes to keep his life private however on this uncommon occassion, he let us in on a couple of secrets.

Euphonik and his partner Aurelia Nxumalo have been together for a few years mow and they don’t display their relationship social media, the super private couple likes to remain quiet about their relationship, when inquired as to whether there is a Queen in his life and why she keeps her a mystery, he said,  “The throne is occupied. She is not really anonymous but I prefer to keep my private life private.”

He at that point went ahead to share that he is best friends with his partner, “I would never date someone who was not a friend of mine. Someone who understands me, understands the industry. I would not date anyone who was not initially my friend.” He explained.

Main image credit: Instagram/@euphonik

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