Fans are disappointed by DJ Tira’s “broke” clapback

Celebrities seem to think most people on these Twitter roads aren’t fiscally steady. This is because of DJ Tira’s reaction to a fan social media whom he called broke – rapper Aka was likewise another Celebrities that called a tweep broke and Twitter isn’t having it.

In a current post, the DJ promoted his gig and had an follower ask him how he gets to appear on many music videos. His reaction was sufficiently saucy to either make them chuckle or ringing.

DJ Tira twitter post

Dj Tira responded to the question and the Twitter streets got heated up real quick!

DJ Tira twitter post

After a whole series of back and forth tweets from people expressing their disappointment towards Tira’s response, he went on to add that he chose that response because he has feelings too.

DJ Tira twitter post

Which is very similar to AKA’s response during the week when he explained that celebrities are also humans with feelings.


After one fan commented on his post saying that the ‘broke’ clap back needs to stop, Tira responded by saying that fans shouldn’t push them to the edge & to just mind their own business.

DJ Tira twitter post

A response we didn’t expect to see was when Dj  Tira brought Beyonce into the conversation.

DJ Tira twitter post

Many tweeps went on to drag him for that comment…

DJ Tira

Which led to the DJ throwing in the towel and logging out.

DJ Tira twitter post

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