Generations’ Lesedi is even hotter in real life

Playing a more youthful part on TV regularly makes it difficult for individuals to take you seriousl as a grown-up, in real life. That is something to be thankful for I guess since I mean it means you’re doing a very good job at portraying a more youthful character.

Generations’ Lesedi is a good example of that. The character is played by Luyanda Mzazi who is an absolute flame in real life. Truly, Generations does her no justice! Her on-screen part makes you to consider her to be a child even off-screen.

Generations' Lesedi, Luyanda Mzazi

Even though it’s hard to see her as anything more than a high school student, behind the no bare face and school uniform lies a flame.

Generations' Lesedi, Luyanda Mzazi

Aside from playing Lesedi, Luyanda is a 21 year old HR student, in her second year who grew up in Joburg. If you ran into her in real life, would you recognise her without her school uniform?

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