[New Bestie Alert] Sihle Ndaba and Natasha Thahane

It looks like there is a new friendship in the celebville, Natasha Thahane & Sihle Ndaba are on track to being one of our many favourite celebrity friends. The actresses seem to be forming a friendship and we are here for it.

The starlets met for the first time when Sihle was in New York a few months ago and Sihle recalled the meeting on Instagram, “I told her I was in town she dropped everything and came out to meet up with me. We had a really great time talking about everything, from boys to nails, education and the industry… We laughed a lot and shared a couple of tears too. One of the things she shared with me was how much she wanted to excel in her studies and she did it. You did the damn thing honey I’m so happy and proud of you for pushing through,”  she wrote.


They are stanning!

Image credit: instagram.com/@natasha_thahane

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