Senzo Meyiwa’s father confirms he’s been receiving death threats

Throughout the past weeekweek there have been various assertions via social media in connection to who killed Senzo Meyiwa on that portentous day of the 24th of October.

Senzo’s dad – Samuel Meyiwa on Monday revealed that he has been getting death threats due to his exhausting search to discover who killed his child.

Amid a current interview on Metro FM’s The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu – Samuel again affirmed that he has surely been getting death threats.

Without beating around the bush, Samuel was asked who he supposes killed his child, he responded by saying that it is hard to state precisely who killed his child as there are such a significant number of stories being tossed around. In any case, Senzo’s dad says that he doesn’t believe the story of Senzo dying because of a robbery that went wrong.


Instead, he believes that the murderer was someone amongst the men who were initially in the house with Kelly, Senzo, Kelly’ sister – Zandie & Kelly’s mother.

“There was no such thing as a robbery, the person who killed Senzo is amongst the boys who were at Kelly’s house. The culprit is amongst those boys.”

Samuel mentioned that amongst those men was a man by the name of Longwe Twala who is Chico Twala’s son and had earlier mentioned another man by the surname of Mbatha, whom he says used to wash Senzo’s car whenever Senzo went to go visit Kelly Khumalo at her mom’s house.

“There is no criminal who came into that house, they are hiding (protecting) each other, there is someone amongst those boys who killed Senzo, his father paid money to bribe the police so this boy does not get arrested, the thing is I can’t say who the boy is exactly.”

Senzo’s father continuesly mentioned that one of the men’s father is bribing the police in order for them not to get arrested.


Samuel was also asked who he thinks was sending him death threats and he mentioned that he thinks it’s the people who were involved in the killing of his son.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SenzoMeyiwa

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