Celebrities who faced domestic abuse

Check out some few brave women who have survived and lived to tell their own domestic abuse experiences.
Letoya Makhene

The outcry to stop women abuse has become the main topic on social media and news outlets after South Africa woke up to the news of Karabo Mokoena’s passing in the hands of her boyfriend

As of late we have also heard of celebrity women who have fortunately lived to tell their story about the abuse they experienced in the hands of their spouses and boyfriends.

Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo

In 2012, Kelly Khumalo opened up about her abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend – Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye.

In numerous reports, Kelly had mentioned that her ex would get aggressive with her, especially when she paid too much attention to their son. Jub Jub has since denied those claims.

Lindi Chibi
Lindi Chibi

In 2005 the late Muvhango actress who played the role of Doobsie on the show was critically wounded after she was shot in the head by her boyfriend, Dan Mokoena.

The incident left her in a coma for 3 weeks. Lindi surprised many when she recovered from the near-death experience.

Sadly, in 2007 Lindi passed away at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital after being admitted with pneumonia.

At the time of her passing Lindi was said to be recovering from the gunshot wound as she went through painstaking rehabilitation that included speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Letoya Makhene
Letoya Makhene

Generations actress, Letoya Makhene also went through a whole 9-year abusive marriage to her ex-husband, Privilege Mangezi.

In an interview with a Magazine, the actress mentioned that her ex-husband became insecure when she began taking care of their household. Their differences escalated from being argumentative to being physically abusive.


In an interview with Drum in 2016, Mshoza opened up about her near death experience in the hands of her ex-boyfriend whose name she declined to disclose

In the interview, Mshoza mentioned that the incident which prompted her getting beat to a pulp was when her ex-boyfriend saw a photo of her and another man in the car the ex-boyfriend had brought for her at the time.

As per the meeting, Mshoza was kicked and her left breat cut with abottle, Mshoza did not press any charges against her abusive ex as she asserts he at that point started taking great care of her after the occurrence which made her feel that he was being remorseful.

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