[Watch] Lerato Mvelase Pantsula dance moves

Lerato Mvelase is without a doubt one of the most talented stars in the country, the actress has been in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years now and her star keeps on rising.

Not only is she an actress, she is tripling up as a singer and a dancer and her recent dance videos are legendary, take a look at the videos below.
In this video she is doing the crate moves which we mostly see on the roads done on the robots by the entertainers who entertain cars and ask for donation.
Lerato posted the video on her instagram account with the caption #4thpantsulalesson with @oscarbuthelezi what a wow!!! feel sooo alive. Having the time of my life #loctionculture #pantsula watch the space.



We will definitely be watching the space. Comment and tell us what you thing about her moves

Main image credit: instagram.com/@lerato_mvelase

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