“You Mbalula & Barry Roux are useless” Chicco Twala saya

Recently, Twitter has been awash with allegations that Twala’s son, Longwe, was involved in Meyiwa’s killing.

Twala has rushed to his son’s defence, even responding to a Twitter user purporting to be well-known advocate Barry Roux.

But that social media handle is known to be a parody account.

It didn’t stop Twala from giving everyone a piece of his mind.

“Mbabs, many people are scared of you there is a reason why.

“I remember you once told Bafana players they were useless. But I know you’ll be shocked, you and Barry Roux are useless.

“Let me start with you Roux. You are a coward, why are you so invisible. Why are you not visible to the public and say this is the evidence I have against Chicco Twala and his son Longwe.

“Why are you hiding your identity, Barry Roux, please show your face. South Africans need you as a witness to tell them who killed Meyiwa. If you hide, you tell them nothing. That’s why Mbalula can’t arrest all the people implicated.

“You told the world I bribed the police, Hawks and all six witnesses. Your latest tweets, you say I’m in love with Kelly Khumalo’s mother, I have a son called Brian Twala arrested for armed robbery. What have I done to you, you are insisting I be arrested. The police they know the make and model of the gun that killed Senzo, hence they can’t arrest me.

“Mbalula, you tweeting all the time like Donald Trump. You waited for Barry Roux to make noise on twitter then you surfaced now. Are you not ashamed to tweet and tell Senzo Meyiwa’s father and South African’s that there is a new team investigating Senzo’s murder. Are you not ashamed, 2018, Senzo died 4 years back. What have you been doing?

“I’ve pleaded Mbabs, my life is in danger, people in the streets are angry, I might get killed and you ignored me. Not that I wanted police protection. All I was asking is to arrange a press conference, maybe with a police spokesperson, to tell South Africans that tweet of Barry Roux is a fake.

“You didn’t because you think you are too important. I know for a fact that there are people who, if they had called and asked you, you would have acted with urgency,” said Chicco Twala.

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