[Pics] Psyfo and bae in Bali

Psyfo and Aarmirah are living their best lives.

We have lately seen celebrities claiming to have broken up but we know its real when they show off the new love. Psyfo has really moved on guys.

Psyfo and his new bae, Aamirah, are living their best lives in Bali.

The lovely couple is dishing up all kids of levels as they post loved-up pucs of their vaycay in Bali.

“I was playing golf, the most calming thing you can ever do and then you get that feeling, that anxiety, I knew it then something is wrong. April was not nice but now I know why he led me here.  I was forced to jump and even though I was scared of the landing I went…now I know,” wrote Psyfo.

Check out their pics.

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