Vuzu Hustle winner Flex Rabanyan says the car he was given belongs to someone else. Photo: Instagram

“BLACK man, you are on your own.”

Flex Rabanyan, whose real name is Mpumelelo Mthembu can relate to this words.

As you might know Rabanyan won the 2017 Vuzu Hustle season 2 and his prizes included a “brand Opel” car, a recording deal and R250 000 cash.

In any case, Flex has learnt the hard way, behind the back of a police van, that the car isn’t new.

A frustrated Flex took to Twitter: “I’m being ARRESTED for the SECOND time because of @OpelSA!

“The incompetence of your staff is costing me time and money. And the trauma of a f***ing police van! #UnlockTheCar wasn’t enough. You guys are making me go through the f***ing most.”

The 21-year-old rapper said he was happy to win the car.

“This is my first car and I didn’t check if everything was in order.

“I trusted the show and thought they’d do right by me.

“Only when I spoke to a few people did I realise the car had been used as it had 5 000km on the speedometer. No one told me that. They said I won a brand new car.”

Flex only discovered when he tried to renew the car’s licence disc that the car belonged to someone in the Eastern Cape. He said attempts to get help from M-Net have proved fruitless.

Daily Sun allegedly contacted the William Hunt dealership where the car came from, and the owner said he had nothing to do with the car.

“It was just delivered from General Motors’ head office in the Eastern Cape as we are the closest dealership. I told him to report the matter to head office. I can’t do anything. When he asked for help we assisted.”

M-Net’s publicity manager Ryan Van Heerden said: “Rabanyan last made contact with the channel on 14 November 2017 when he took delivery of his vehicle. At no point has he let us know he’d experienced problems with its registration.”

He said they have alerted Opel to speedily resolve the problem.

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