[WATCH] Riky Rick debuts music video feat. A-Reece

The single is part of his recent EP project ‘Stay Shining’ and it features Wrecking Crew member: A-Reece. Last year we jammed quite to Riky Rick’s ‘Stay Shining’ single. The visuals did it justice also with them being a young ode to TKZee’s ‘We Love This Place’ and ‘Dlala Mapansula’.

This time though the feeling is more sinister. The video for ‘Pick You Up’ is split in two parts, which makes sense considering the fact that the song itself is split into two. The first half sees Riky Rick being on his Pied Piper vibe with kids following him as he hands them cash and he eventually stands on a car and literally makes it rain. You know, the hip-hop video flaunting style.

Riky Rick and A-Reece 2


After that, we are taken out of day time into an alley where A-Reece is waiting with BARS. Wearing a red puffer jacket and red Timberlands one could think A-Reece is channeling his inner Hades. The Morale Pablo Phala directed video has hints of Hype Williams artistry in it.

On this music video, Riky Rick takes it back to the streets and shows a vibey mood just like he did with Boss Zonke. The video is directed by MoraleBruh (Morale Phala). Check it out below:

Main Image Credit: Youtube.com

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