Khanyi Mbau’s breakup and friendship with Somizi


Khanyi Mbau has had some controversial stories connected to her recently after she was said to owe her bestie Somizi cash and being spotted with her ex Tebogo Lerole.

During a recent interview on Metro FM Khanyi Mbau cleared confusions about her relationship with Somizi saying that it was not true as their relationship did not depend on cash.

“Somizi and I know it’s never been about money, if I find him at a restaurant, he’ll pay and vice versa…there’s no beef between us…”

a person standing next to a door: Khanyi and Somizi

Khanyi went ahead to include that she trusted that the relationship had ended quite a while back, yet they simply hung on because they had to fight the physical.

Speaking on her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Khanyi Mbau said that she had tendencies of calling him.

“I don’t know where I am right now; every day is different. There are days where I want to call him; there are days where I call him, and I say something, there are days where I call him, and I hate it, actually fine, it was the best thing. Guys, it’s tough. There are days where you remember the bad things, and you’re like, there are times where you’d pause and be like, I’m not good…”

a person standing in front of a store: Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo back together


“Relationships die two years before they really die and in the public eye they die four years before they really die because we have members that are part of the relationship…so I think we had broken up a long time ago, I think we still fight the physical cause the physical still wants to believe…”

Many fans are waiting to see who Khanyi Mbau’s Valentine could be after she was spotted with her ex recently, in any case, Khanyi says that both of them are no longer together and them being seen together was only a “relapse.”

“…it was nine years not nine months…it was a relapse…the first time was at the play…and that was the ‘zing-zing’ for the first time in a long time. Do I look away? Do I greet? And then you have this white lady going: ‘Can I please have a picture?’ After the picture, it’s like: You still look great’, and I was like: ‘Thanks.’ Then your shame walking in the morning going: ‘Why?’

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