Gigi Lamayne secures yet another new deal

Gigi Lamayne gets New Deal with Avon.


The SA Hip Hop Analyst & Youtube Star(Over  2 Million Views) Tusko_D talks the deald the Musician has been closing lately.

You can say what you want about Gigi, you can knock her for her performances, you can knock her about her pose, come out and knock her about her pictures but one thing you cannot do is to knock her about her ability to secure the bag.

She has secured deals with Puma, Bacardi, alleagedly secured her 5 Million rands with Mabala Noise, and recently she has secured a deal with Ambitiouz Entertainment and on top of that she has now secured another deal with Avon.

Truth be told she is making more money than a lot of rappers in the industry, let along female rappers. WATCH

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