Scandal’s actor ‘Stokkies’ have been shouted and sweared by fans


Actor Wayne Van Rooyen might be one of the most chilled celebs in Mzansi however that hasn’t stopped fans from confusing him for his character on TV and having an appropriate go at him.

The star, who plays the role of rehabilitated criminal Stokkie on soapie Scandal!, revealed to  that he was regularly stopped by fans for pictures yet at times things turned terrible.

“I always try to be accommodating but when I am with my family I try to make them aware that I am spending precious time with my family. I have got kids and they get confused when it happens. They wonder why people want to take pictures with their dad. It happens. Sometimes people get really horrible.

“I’ve had instances where people swear and curse and are like; ‘why don’t you want to spend time with me? I support you.'”

He recounted a period when he played the role of a pedophile and was harassed by fans who hated his character.

“People got really angry. They would come up to me and shout or say: ‘How could you do that?’ You are confused for a second because you don’t remember doing anything wrong, until the penny drops and you realise what they are talking about. That is the power of the medium. People sometimes don’t separate the actor from their character.”

Wayne has played the part of Stokkie for more than three years however said he was not very worried, as a coloured actor, of being typecast in stereotypical coloured roles.

“I really enjoy playing the character but if I get cast in too many roles like it I might be concerned. Being typecast is always a thing, but you can always so no or ask questions about the character. Yes, a lot of coloured actors play gangsters or certain roles, but it is up to the individual to not take it. It is tricky but there is always a long-term possibility of writing your own character and making your own production.”

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