Social media Reacts To Nadia Nakai Without Make Up

Its something we as a whole know, peolple frequently look “different” without their make up. And keeping in mind that relatively few like to bare their natural selves with us, very few have abandoned their renowned highlighters, foundations and eyebrows on fleek – because well, they too are human and skin needs to breathe fam. Nadia Nakai is the latest star to share her natural beauty with us but Twitter isn’t having it.

Tweeps came after Nadia Nakai after a picture of her without make up surfaced on the net. While on a mini Valentine’s Day baecation at a lodge in Johannesburg with her Major League DJs bae, Bandz, a photograph of the couple was posted by the hotel’s Instagram page – showing the pair posing “all natural” in their robes nearby a lodge associate.

While a lot of people would think nothing of the picture, Twitter appeared to be so shook by how the Naaa Meanrapper “looked” without her made-up face.

Tweeps were never ready for their Bragga without make up and debated the ordeal on Twitter. Cav.

Bragga did have the last laugh, though, and let the masses know.

The picture has since been deleted by the Lodge. But on the real, Twitter is raw, savagery at its best!

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