Anatii Partners With Puma

Anatii Partners With Puma On New Campaign! We have seen quite a number of South African rappers score big deals with big fashion labels like AKA with Reebok, Shane Eagle with Ellesse Heritage and Riky Rick with Gucci. Anatii is the recent rapper to add his name to the list by scoring one with sportswear heavyweight Puma.

Anatii partnered with Puma South Africa on a new campaign called Run The StreetsThey created a short video with Anatii speaking about his musical journey and when he started participating in making music. On the same video Anatii is giving motivation by explaining what he really thinks hustling is.

He is as you would expect wearing Puma clothing throughout the video for advertisement of the brand. Being a part of the campaign is a big deal for Anatii, not mentioning being the face of the campaign.

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