Gigi Lamayne Defends Nadia From No Make Up Haters

Gigi Lamayne defends Nadia Nakai From No Make Up Haters


Gigi Defends Nadia From No Make Up Haters! The Naaa Meeaan hit maker has had a hard time after a picture of her without make-up went viral on social media. Many of her followers were shocked and didn’t want to accept that she is the one on the photo.

There has often been ongoing rumors on whether Gigi Lamayne and Nadia Nakai were friends, now Gigi has shown were her loyalties lie. It did not take any long for Gigi Lamayne to come out to her friends rescue after the picture surfaced. “You’re beautiful. @Nadia_nakai . Keep on,” tweeted Gigi Lamayne.

Ever since the photo spread, people have been having a field day regarding Nadia Nakai’s looks. Having to see other artists weigh in on the matter and support and defend their own shows a positive light for Hip Hop in general. This creates a more collaborative environment for the artists.

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