Zandile Khumalo shares her side of the story on Senzo’s killing

Zandie Khumalo

After the case went icy several years ago after the Bafana goalkeeper was heartbreakingly killed at his sweethearts home in Voslorous, there is reestablished enthusiasm for the occasions that hinted at Senzo Meyiwa’s alleged murder.

In the previous two weeks, both Chico Twala & Longwe Twala shared their adaptations of what happened the night Senzo Meyiwa was executed and now Zandi Khumalo is opening up about what truly happened. In a current interview on Ukhozi FM, the vocalist said that since Senzo’s death‚ she and her family had been in consistent contact with the police.

Zandie_Khumalo_Gumede /zandie_khumalo_gumede

 “We are trying our best to help as much as we can so that they can get the people who did this‚” she said.

Speaking of the day Senzo was killed she said, “It was a Sunday. We were coming from a show which was at Dorothy Nyembe Park. We were happy‚ and we went and fetched Senzo’s friend‚ whose name is Tumelo‚ in Spruitview. We arrived at home‚ sat down and ate. It was a very happy day. My mother had prepared Sunday dinner for us.

“Late in the afternoon‚ Longwe called saying he is coming to the house, I said he should come because my mother had cooked. When he arrived‚ I went to fetch him outside. Then all of us began to eat.


While we were eating‚ people stormed into the house. They immediately demanded cellphones and money. When they said this‚ I took my phone and hid it under the pillow on the sofa. Longwe then stood up pushed one of the men and forced his way out‚” she added. Zandile said that her sister Kelly then ran to her bedroom. After a few scuffles, she says that she heard gunshots.

“I then heard two gun shots while I was in the bathroom. I looked‚ hiding behind the bathroom door‚ to see what was happening. I then saw Senzo running to hide himself. I asked myself‚ ‘Why is he running?’

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zandie_Khumalo

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