“If My Next Album Doesn’t Do Well, Im Out” Reason Says

Reason Says That If His Next Album Doesn’t Do Well, He’s Out! In a recent interview with Absolute Hip Hop Reason spoke about his album and his expectations for it. The rapper also touched on the topic of his last album titled Love Girls Album.


“There’s nothing i’m obsessing over right now like my album, you know what i’m saying, I think i might even call it The album of my life After this one, if what i think deserves to happen doesn’t happen i’m out,” said Reason. He continued to say that he is doing everything right because he thinks he is back to what he should be doing as opposed to when he was lost.

Gemini Major and Ph are some of the artists that Reason mentioned as the guys he will be working with on his album. Reason said that he wants to make an album that represents South Africa.

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