Is Minnie Dlamini Pregnant ? People Are Convinced She is

Minnie 5

It’s the year 2018 however a lady can’t put on weight without people speculating that she may be pregnant. Particularly if said women has quite recently experienced a couple of changes in her love life. Take, for instance, Minnie Dlamini, who got married a year ago and has gained a bit of happy weight since she and Mr Jones started the newest chapter of their lives.

Have you seen exactly what number of people have begun asking as to whether Minnie Dlamini may be preggers? Simply look on Twitter:

According to Minnie, in any case, it’s not just social media users that are guessing. Production houses have just begun offering her roles for pregnancy shows.

“My mother was in tears the other day saying she’s not gonna be alive to see her grandchildren, I was like: ‘excuse me, give me a second to breathe, that’s not even the best part, I’m being offered baby shows, like a baby reality show…to document my pregnancy..”

Do you think Minnie is hiding a pregnancy or is this simply happy weight?

What are your thoughts?

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