Twitter drags Cassper Nyovest over ‘Isidingo’ shaming claims


Cassper Nyovest took to social media this week to slam the famous soapie Isidingo for “shaming” rapper Nadia Nakai

The SABC 3 featured a scene in one episode about the current drama over a photo of Nadia with no make-up.

Many social media users criticised Nadia for looking “unrecognizable” without a face of full make-up.

The incident inspired the #NadiaNakaiMakeupChallenge which brought about in scores of Twitter users sharing pictures of themselves with and without make-up.

In any case, Cassper thought Isidingo was being shady when it broadcast a scene with two of its characters discussing Nadia’s shocking change.

“Someone sent me this clip of Isidingo shaming Nadia Nakai like all the other Cyber bullies. A whole Isidingo ? I wonder how they think the poor girl will feel. Wow. Ra di bona hle,” he tweeted.

In any case, it appears Cassper misinterpreted the scene, and numerous Twitter let him know what was exactly going on

“Cassper they weren’t shaming her broe. @IsidingoSABC3 Is relevant like that, they even did that with fill up Fnb they keep up with what’s trending… All I heard was them actually encouraging the hash tag not bashing her.,” one Twitter user replied.

Another said: “Actually I didn’t hear any shaming words they were just surprised like most of us Ehhhh. I didn’t hear any complain when they were talking about fillup.”

In the mean time, Nadia says she doesn’t trust Isidingo was trying to disgrace her

“I understand that they need to keep their script current and this is something that they usually do. So, I don’t expect them to treat the situation differently, just because it’s me.

“I don’t feel like they shamed me or owe me anything, but they did add fuel to the fire, which was unnecessary and that’s why Cassper commented,” she told You magazine.

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