Rapper Reason believes his girlfriend Luthando “LootLove” Shosha is a star!

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The rapper had a sweet yet hot clapback when a troll tried to diss his sweetheart’s height. The Do It Like I Can hitmaker was sharing about his day when a tweep named @Kvtlego asked him whether his neck was tired from looking up at LootLove.


Reason resisted the urge in his reply and told the troll that “nobody ever gets tired of looking at a star”. The rapper didn’t take kindly to @Kvtlego’s comment and the troll pressing by revealing to him he wouldn’t even try to look up at his bae if had a head as big as @Kvtlego’s.

Reason’s romantic side was put on show in his tune Top Seven, which is about LootLove who also features in the song’s music video.




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