Khanyi Mbau on her new role on Uzalo


New broke a month ago of Khanyi Mbau’s break up with Tebogo Lerole the two were later snapped in matching outfits at the opening night of The Color Purple at the Joburg Theater, leaving some speculating that the two got back together.

Yet, addressing DRUM, an apologetic Khanyi says they did not get back together and that disappointed fans needed to understand her choice.

When asked about the possibility of giving the relationship another chance, Khanyi stated,”I am open to anything. As a person I never say ‘never’, but I am not going to give [fans] false hope. Don’t hate me, hambani nami (walk with me), give love and joy. I am not Jesus Christ – I make mistakes like everyone else and my fans need to understand that I am not perfect and I am sorry for letting them down. I won’t give you false hopes and then when they don’t come you will hate me. Just love me for who I am.”

On a more joyful note, Khanyi has begun shooting her new role on Uzalo. She plays MaNgcobo’s beautiful, sexy and slightly unhinged criminal cousin , Dinekile also known as Lady Die.

Uzalo publicist Ayanda Mthiyane says Lady Die is a shoplifter by trade. She aspires for a like MaNgcobo’s yet has never truly been able to achieve it even with her good looks.Lady Die has done short stints in prison for petty crimes and knows her way around the underworld.

“MaNgcobo’s planning a huge heist and calls on her cousin Lady Die, DK and two other women to help her execute her ‘set it off’ style robbery. But inviting Lady Die into her life means she’s also inviting trouble into her home.”

We’ll watch with keen interest as the lady also attempts to seduce Nkunzi.

Khanyi says she and Lady Die share many characteristics. “It’s exactly me. Lady Die is a go-getter like Khanyi. We both have big dreams. We both love the adrenalin rush and see the world as an oyster. The difference is that Khanyi is a grown up but Lady Die doesn’t seem like someone who will grow up any time soon. Another difference is that Khanyi is not a friend of crime like Lady Die,” Khanyi said, comparing her role to her personal life.

Khanyi was headhunted for this short-term role however the producers are thinking about getting her back later in the season since she fits her character perfectly. Khanyi is also adamant about proceeding on the show. “After my performance on my first day, everyone was impressed; I am sure I will be here for a while. And Uzalo is the biggest show in SA. With the role, it’s just love at first sight.”

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