Khaya Mthethwa: I’ve learnt that I need to be more patient


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Media personality and pastor Khaya Mthethwa got married to former Miss South Africa – Ntando Kunene in December a year ago, and while he’s still learning the ropes of marriage, Khaya says that he feels that Christians have ‘over spiritualized marriages’.

Speaking to DJ Sbu, Khaya shared some light on marriage saying that Christians tend to over-spiritualize marriage while it is something that’s functional as long as you’re 100% in it.

“Christians have absolutely sugar-coated marriage; I believe that we have over-spiritualized something that is very very practical that we need to be very prepared for emotionally, financially, physically…you’re living for another person and that can’t be something easy. If your fingers are still in other jams by the time you are getting married, you’re going to have a problem in marriage no matter how much you pray, no matter how much you read the word, no matter how much you go to church, you’re going to have a marriage problem. Although you might not have a God problem.”

Khaya  spoke about his life in marriage  that it has taught him patience.

“I’ve learnt that I need to be more patient, marriage drags patience out of you, I mean, something simple like when I get out the house I know that I get ready in exactly twelve minutes…with my wife Ntando, I need to set an alarm, if we leaving at six, I need to set an alarm for half past four…it’s just a patience thing, it’s just a small thing but it’s amazing…”





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