Gabi Tshabalala: I didn’t feel at home anymore


Two years after actress Gabisile Tshabalala left famous soapie Scandal!, the star has talked about her exit and the break she took from the industry, claiming there was a ton of politics involved and that she never felt at home.

Talking on Power FM recently, Gabi opened up about her exit from the show and said she chose not to fight the battles she was facing at the time.

“So many things happened that people actually don’t know about. I was on Scandal! and then things stopped. I fell pregnant and there was so much politics behind the scenes, so I decided that listen I am not going to fight about this. I guess I did not feel at home anymore and I was like it’s fine, let’s move on.

She said she had been trying to have a kid before she fell pregnant however did not understand why so often employers asked women to let them know whether they wanted to have children.

“It is not fair. It is not that you can’t plan for it but you are just going in and if the baby comes, it comes. These production people be on some: ‘You must let us know if you are planning to have…’ I am having it without protection, so if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

Famous muso DJ Zinhle shared her particular experience to this in an interview with Touch HD towards the end of last year, empowering women with thriving careers to take time out to live and be themselves.

“I was also scared of making a baby as someone in the industry. I was chatting to a friend the other day and they were like, ‘this is a problem with woman in the industry.’ They forget their role of being a woman, like just being a woman. Now you just want to be the person in the industry full time. The industry should not rob us of that privilege, like being someone’s wife or mother.”

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