Slindile Nodangala: I was earning R40 per week


Veteran actress Slindile Nodangala, who has been in the industry for more than two decades took a trip down memory lane to reflect on her humble beginnings.

Taking to social media to celebrate being in the industry for a long time, Slindile told fans how she began earning a mere R40 a week.

“29 years in the acting industry, when I started in 1989 I was earning R40 per week,” he said.

Fans joked with Slindile about now earning R40,000 per call, which she laughed off, saying that she sometimes thought about becoming a nurse because of the benefits.

“I toyed with the idea of becoming a nurse or zulu police cause at least they have benefits but your calling is your calling.”

After she left Generations in 2015, Slindile was off screens for some time as roles were few and far between.

A year ago she made an explosive comeback on Mzansi Magic’s Lockdown.

“I’ve been an actress for 28 years, so the lack of jobs wasn’t new to me. In theatre, there are times where you won’t get jobs for as long as eight months. It’s through those tough times that I realised I had good friends because my friends and family were there for me and carried me through,” she told Destiny magazine in an interview last year.


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