Ubunyanga is not a death sentence, says Letoya Makhene


Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene has encouraged young traditional healers to embrace their blessing and not stress over the perceived restrictions attached to the calling, saying it is a gift not a death sentence.

The star has been practising as a sangoma for five years already and took to social media over the weekend to talk about some the things she has learnt during her journey.

As young healers related their own particular stories of embracing the gift of traditional healing, one follower discussed her hesitance at first to accept the calling at 20 years old because implied living “without friends, parties, boyfriends.”

Letoya responded by empowering the lady and revealing to her that the calling was not the end of her world.

“While we do lead rather quiet lives when it comes to our social life, you’ll notice that the ones that are in our space are those who have earned the right to be in it. I honestly do indulge in and enjoy letting my hair down every once in a while, after all we’re still human.”

She said that dating was important, even for tradional healers wanting to settle down, and made a few suggestions.

“Dating is what you need to do if you’re ever to settle down eventually. If your dlozi is strict about dating, then ukuphahla ukhulume naye might help. Ubunyanga is not a death sentence…it’s a special upgrade in this journey called life. You’re one of the lucky few.”

The star, who runs a practice in Johannesburg needed to move premises a year ago because of safety reasons. This led to speculation that she quit working as a traditional healer.

“So apparently I’ve quit my work as a traditional healer? Yes. I did put practicing on hold for a brief while, while moving my practice. My practice is up and running again and I’ve found nothing but joy in the healing work that I’ve done even with my more complex cases.”

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