Riky Rick Makes Street-wear History

Riky Rick made street-wear history this past Saturday. The Rapper finally launched the Cotton Club Records merchandise that has been doing the rounds and proving quite difficult to find, now it’s available for the public to purchase at RHTC. The significance of this is that RHTC is a local retailer that stocks up local upcoming street-wear brands. It is situated in the depth of Braamfontein, where the street-wear and urban culture is alive and kicking.

Riky could’ve launched his merchandise in any other store, he has that kind of power but he chose RHTC. This choice led to a record-breaking line for any local retailer, with fans and fashion lovers lining up to come and grab an item. Riky has been saying that he is for the kids and this is a testament to his love for the kids. We just wish he supported these local brands more.

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