Andisiwe Dweba is not leaving Generations to be a sangoma

After it was reported that actress Andisiwe Dweba would be bowing out of Generations: The Legacy there has been swirling speculation that she was leaving the show to be a sangoma.

This was additionally fueled after Andisiwe shared a photo of herself wearing traditional clothing. Fans rushed to the comments section to wish her luck on her “new journey”.

“Uthwasa nyan na mntase? (Are going to initiation school for real?),” one fan asked.

While another said, “wow umkhaya wam (home girl) am proud you, don’t forget your culture love.”

Andisiwe revealed to TshisaLIVE that she definitely didn’t have a calling and expected people would differentiate her from Getty.

“I was at work taking selfies in my dressing room. I don’t have a calling, I am not going to practise, and I’m not practising. It was just me in costume at work.”

The actress, whose storyline on the soapie has seen her struggle with an ancestral calling, said she’s had to clarify to some of her fans that despite the photos of her in traditional beads on Instagram, she doesn’t have a calling in real life.

The actress, who has played the character of Getty for more than four years, also made recent headlines as one of the actress to be leaving the soapie soon.

Andisiwe said that she would be taking a break from the Tv screen for some time.

“Unfortunately my fans won’t see me on screens, not anytime soon. I’m not actually ready to speak about what I am doing next. But I know I am going to be taking a break.”


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