Dr Rebecca Malope to host own show on Touch HD


Online radio station Touch HD recently announced its new line-up that kicks off on Thursday 1 March. The new slot will include The Healing Zone, another talk show hosted by gospel artist Rebecca Malope.

Few weeks back Rebecca was a guest on Touch HD and talked about her concept of having a TV show that will help people with deep-rooted issues from their pasts that could be affecting their present.

Tbo Touch took up the opportunity and asked Rebecca to bring the show to his audience on his radio station, Touch HD.

“I am not a prophet but I am a host and a mother and this show will help people deal with issues they were not able to address. This will be a platform for people to talk about their experiences with abuse, drugs, money – it will allow prisoners to share why they found themselves where they are today. We want families to address matters,” Rebecca said.

She also says the show will play predominantly South African gospel music, there’ll be psychologists to help with issues and there’ll be a pastor toward the end of the show to close off proceeedings.

“Touch HD has a predominantly young market and I want to reach out to young people to share their stories and to nominate people in their communities who need help and we can all contribute to making our South Africa better,” Rebecca said.

The show won’t just help other people however will also heal Rebecca and help her deal with her own struggles. “Our scars are still there from when we were young and we are failing at schools, some are not getting work, some people can’t be in healthy relationships because of things that happened to them in the past. Let us tackle the issue and heal,” she said.

Tune in to The Healing Zone on Thursdays from 12.30pm to 2pm.

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