Gigi Lamayne: Ambitious Entertainment Saved My Life

‘Ambitious Entertainment Saved My Life,’ Says Gigi Lamayne! For the last couple of years Gigi has been one of the hottest female rappers in South African Hip Hop. Gigi’s career went to an unstable stage after the rapper left Mabala Noise before the end of last year.

We have seen a alot of rappers in SA Hip Hop whose career’s have ended after leaving a big label. After Gigi left Mabala Noise she spent a few weeks as an independent artist before Ambitious Entertainment came along. Many of Gigi’s fans questioned the choice of joining the label after she had recently left Mabala Noise since there have been rumours about unethical business at the two labels.

The rapper was sure about the choice that she made to join the label. She revealed to her fans that the deal she got with Ambitious was a good deal saying that the label saved her life.

“On the real though- the contract looks good. @Ambitiouz_Ent saved my life,” tweeted Gigi Lamayne. This was in response to a fan who was wishing her well at her new label.

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