Prince Kaybee’s new bae?

Artist Prince Kaybee’s love life has not been without controversy. Not so long ago the Charlotte-hitmaker was in the tabloids for allegedly not paying enough maintenance for the kid he had with a 22-year-old anonymous ex.

His baby mama threatened to go to court if he didn’t pay the monthly R2 500 agreed upon sum and was allegedly furious to see Kaybee spending R45 000 on cosmetic surgery to reduce his man boobs a year ago.

Addressing DRUM a year ago Kaybee said he had been in a relationship with house artist Zameka Nkumanda yet they had broke up because of irreconcilable differences. He had featured her on his tune Storyteller, but says their relationship did not last since he was not able to live up to her desires.

It appears to be past disappointments have not stopped Kaybee from pursuing love and he shared pics of the new woman in his life via social media over last weekend– when asked by fans as to whether this was his new sweetheart he didn’t deny it.

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