Skolopad is hesitant to have the ‘sex talk’ with her daughter

Regardless of always starting conversations around sex and nudity, Skolopad has said that she doesn’t have the guts to have “birds and the bees” conversation with her teenage girl.

The controversial artist, whose name has become synonymous with risque poses and semi-nude pictures, revealed that she’s hesitant to begin the discussion.

“As a mother, I am very different from Skolopad. People don’t know that about me. Skolopad is free and she says and does whatever she feels like. But Nonhlanhla is a different woman.”

The single parent said she was grateful that her daughter was a “well behaved” teenager, however said they were also friends. She said she was sure her daughter would go to her if there was a problem that is begging to be addressed of any kind.

“My daughter is a teenager…a very well-behaved teenager. We haven’t actually had a conversation about sex. I mean, as a nurse, I’ve mentioned things like protection and the sicknesses we see daily, there but I’m actually hesitant to start that conversation about sex.”

Some of her fans took social media to comment on one of her photos and questioned the effect her stunts are having on her little girl..

Skolopad revealed to TshisaLIVE that people need to mind their very own business.

“I don’t talk much, so she must just observe and take the things that work for her. What matters for me is she knows that there’s a difference between Skolopad and her mother. As a mother, I act as such and she knows it. I, as Skolopad, am crazy and so naughty, but she knows who she would be looking at for advice and stuff.”

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