The couple has learned how to handle their bank balance

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Cash in addition to marriage if not done right could possibly equal to a disaster yet not for Salamina and her hubby Tshepo ‘Howza’ Mosese.

In their main story on I do Magazine the couple talked openly about their money related issues as they are the both freelancers which means they work on an irregular basis.

“Money has been a difficult issue in our marriage in the past. There have been times when we were both out of work, or when one of us didn’t have money. It is the nature of our industry. We had to learn to be gentle with each other, and to keep reminding ourselves that we didn’t get married because of money, but to make a life together.

It is important to me as Tshepo’s wife, to make him comfortable during periods when he isn’t working, and to be mature enough to manage my expectations of him.” Said Salamina

Salamina also included that when they can’t pray with each other when trying to resolve issues they pray separately as to avoid dragging out an issue.

In the interview, Howza also sang Salamina with praises and said that if given the opportunity he would pick Salamina once more.

“Salamina has been a wonderful wife If I had the opportunity to choose all over again, she is still the woman I would marry. I have always wanted a marriage in which each person is free to be themselves and a marriage that promotes growth.” Said Howza

Respect to the couple, these days it’s hard to be in a relationship where one partner is financially weaker than the other.

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