Candy releases new song with her boyfriend

It’s very uncommon to see artists who are ina relationship not only work together but freely open up about their relationship too.

One of those artists is Candy Tsamandebele who has announced that she will release another single with her Nigerian boyfriend- Nonny D

While working with Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition a year ago as the face of this magnificent music gathering in the Southern Africa region, Candy Tsamandebele made a choice to write songs that surpass the usual themes she regularly tackles.

The moment of clarity came while she was performing Mmalekutu which references a very old traditional custom that insists that cousins wed each other in order to hold the riches inside the family. This specific performance revealed a lot of unexplored songs. Armed with this newly discovered realization, Candy approached a well-known music producer and movie producer from Nigeria, Dr. Frank to her create the imagined tune. They both worked hard to produce a unique fulfilling song infused with different African music elements.


To help convey the message, she called Nonny D also from Nigeria. In this manner, Siku ne Siku was born. Siku ne Siku paints a photo between two loving partners who were once together for some time until the day the male partner chose to move on with his new sweetheart.

Candy has clarified that having Nonny D on this track was a choice she’s content with and opening up to the world about their relationship was never a big deal. The two met in Pretoria at Lavianto where Candy was set to perform.

“After I realised that Nonny was an artist who is truly gifted, with a voice that is so unique, I knew at some point it would be awesome working with him. It happens that the producer I was working with knew what he can do so he suggested that I go ahead and invite Nonny to put vocals on Siku Ne Siku. I don’t see the necessity of hiding him as he understands the business we are both in. For me going public is not really a big deal” – Candy

Siku ne Siku will be released on the 2nd of March across the nation.


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