People thought I was a lesbian, says Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka: People thought I was a lesbian

Actress Manaka Ranaka has shared that there have been many questions around her sexuality that even she questioned herself at some point.
During an interview on WTF Tumi, Manaka said that her tomboy nature always had people trusting she was lesbian.

“A lot of people have questioned my sexuality because of how I carry myself. They always thought that I was a lesbian, to a point where I was even questioning myself. I chilled with guys for such a long time that even when a girl with a nice body walked by, I would appreciate it,” she said.

Manaka said that at some point in her life she kissed girls to test her sexuality, yet disliked the experience.

She included that it made things a great deal clearer for her.

However,the Manaka that Mzansi has grown to love is totally unique to the teenager she was and the feisty character she plays on Generations: The Legacy.

During an interview on Anele Mdoda on Real Talk a year ago she said she was prepared to find love and used her folks as an example. She said that her parents, who have been married for a long time, are a motivation to her.

“You know my mom and dad are going on for nearly 40 years. I don’t have marriage experience but seeing their ups and downs I feel like I do, and I want to be like them one day,” she said at the time.

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