Skeem Saam’s Leshole bids farewell after eating polony

Wasn’t Leshole warned about the dangers of Listeriosis?

There has been so much unrest after the recent announcement of the deadly Listeriosis outbreak that the health minister even urged people around the country to avoid eating Enterprise products and other processed meats.

Skeem Saam’s latest episode had social media going buck wild over Leshole’s dangerous act of eating polony.

Skeem Saam episodes might be recorded in advance but not all fans take note of that, and with last night’s episode showing Leshole (played by Thabo Mkhabela) eating polony, social media got lit after fans started bidding farewell to the actor.

Skeem saam actor Leshole eating polony
Skeem saam actor Leshole eating polony

And while many were all in their feelings about him having no knowledge of the disease, others were hoping Sis’Ouma (Nokuzola Mlengana ) would eat the polony instead, considering that she is the least liked character in the soapie.

Skeem Saam actor leshole eating polony
Skeem saam Leshole eating polony
Skeem Saam actor Leshole bid farewell after eating polony

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