“They Tried To Sign Me For R200K” Says Tellman

‘They Tried To Sign Me For R200K,’ Says Tellman. It has been a while since we first got introduced to Tellaman on the Okmalumkoolkat feature. Because of the uniqueness of his music the artist has been making waves ever since he broke into the industry.

Evidently the Strike A Pose artist has been supposedly offered a record deal worth R200K as a signing fee yet declined to take the offer. Tallaman did not indicate which record label was keen on signing him yet obviously chose to stay autonomous.

“They tried to sign me for 200k and I turned them down.. ,” Tellaman tweeted. Many individuals have jumped into record deals later lamenting the ill-advised choices they make. Despite the fact that there are those cases, remaining an independent artist likewise implies you don’t have a major organization backing you.


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