Dineo Ranaka- people were shocked that she’s a ‘beer girl’

Dineo Ranaka started a civil argument on Twitter about whether women “should” drink beer or pink cocktails, after she declared her love for the drink.

The radio DJ shared that after a long day at work, she loved to return home and open a cold beer to loosen up.

While many of her friends were shocked that she’s a “beer girl” there were those who seemed to be against the thought.


Tweeps shared their opinions over why they thought women shouldn’t drink beer, however other females came to Dineo’s rescue telling people not to dictate what drinks “suit” women.

HHP’s wife Lerato Sengadi also came to Dineo’s defence saying there’s nothing wrong with drinking beer as a woman, despite the perceptions people have attached to it.


While there’s always a possibility that Dineo was fishing for a beer sponsorship (or its already in the pipeline), fans applauded her for being authentic to who she is


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