Zodwa Wabantu: Fans told me not to wear underwear

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Three months after causing some excitement on twitter with her Zodwa nudity tweets, Bonnie Mbuli finally asked her for what reason she doesn’t like wearing underwear.

Zodwa was a visitor on Afternoon Express this week and spoke candidly about her life as a dancer.

Bonnie caused a buzz on Twitter late last year when she invited her followers to talk about the transparent dress the performer wore to the Feather Awards.

The dress had a high opening, and at one point gave people a look at her private parts.

“I’m a raging hot-headed feminist, but that pic of Zodwa flashing her goods has me shook, SHOOKETH am I! I’m open to considering all perspectives… let’s reason together,” Bonnie tweeted.

She included another tweet: “It’s also a case of do I want my son & his friends to be able to google pictures of me like that?”

Bonnie did not shy away from the subject when she came face-to-face with Zodwa this week. She asked the dancer what prompted her choice to not wear underwear while performing.

Zodwa says she actually went to Woolies in December a year ago to purchase underwear, after her sexy closet at a party resulted in scores of social media users calling her to wear underwear.

“I was dancing, it was in December. There was this commotion with my panty. I listened to the haters… some they said, ‘Zodwa you are boring, please wear a panty’,” she said.

Yet, she quit wearing underwear not long after buying them. Zodwa says when she went to another gig – this time wearing underwear – the crowd was not satisfied.

“When I got on stage, people were like, ‘Zodwa we can see something blue, you are wearing a panty now?’”

Zodwa says fans at that point began shouting for her to remove her underwear

“Because I’m a people’s person, I listened to my fans, not what the media wants or the so-called celebrities or people that stay at home and discuss us. I listen to the people who are there with me, who are having fun with me, who have paid money to be with me,” she said.

Bonnie also asked Zodwa what she will do when her son is one day confronted about her being panty-less in public.

“Growing up, my life was hard… Whatever I am doing, I am doing for my son. When he turns 18 I want to buy him a car… a paid-up house.”

Despite her worry about Zodwa’s risque behaviour, Bonnie revealed that she really went to Eyadini Lounge, a shisa nyama in Umlazi where Zodwa dances, to see her in real life.

In any case, Zodwa was not dancing that day, and the only action Bonnie saw was somebody stealing her meat!


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