Connie Ferguson says she will pray for Marah Louw to find peace

Connie Ferguson has ended her silence on the explosive feud that has erupted between Ferguson Films and Marah Louw, saying it’s not her “style” to throw mud at older entertainers.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE this week, Marah claimed her contract was ended in September a year ago, after producers revealed to her that writers had run out of storylines for her character. She was then apparently offered a per-call contract which she named as insulting and disrespectful.

Shona Ferguson revealed to Sunday Sun that Marah was not fired from the show but rather was in and out of contract.

Marah hit back at Shona’s claims by sharing a screen-capture via social media of the termination date on her contract and claimed she was treated like “trash”.

Talking about the issue on Trending SA Connie said she was praying Marah would find peace.

“She is an elderly woman. With the way I was raised, it makes me extremely uncomfortable engaging with her on a mud-slinging level. It’s not my style. I pray mama Marah finds peace in her spirit and that is really all I can do for her.”

Connie said she was confused by what Marah was upset about and denied that she was treated badly by the show’s producers.

“I am not sure what mama Marah’s allegations are exactly so it’s difficult to respond. She would have to do better than just say she was treated like ‘trash’. As with all our cast members, we have been nothing but respectful, especially to her.”

Meanwhile, Marah has been consulting with lawyers on the issue and told TshisaLIVE that she would watch the situation to decide whether legal action would be necessary.

“I contacted a lawyer to get their opinion on what had happened but I thought it would die down. I am now just watching the situation.”

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