The “Yena Aya Kwini” phrase came into fashion like a hot flash and was very soon gone.

Sad as it is, with it went the fame and monies of its creator, Hlupheka “Boti Majulie” Mabunda.

Word on tge street has it that Hlupheka has hit hard times yet again.

The 57-year-old comedian from Bambheni in Limpopo is getting fewer and fewer gigs.

He is reportedly separating with his manager soon.

His manager, Tirhani Mabasa of Tirhani Media came out saying her company will part ways with Hlupheka because of challenges they are facing.

She said that one of their challenges was the continuous interference by people claiming him as their own.

“You know in this industry it is tough and building a brand requires money and many sacrifice,” Tirhani told Daily Sun.

“You can’t achieve that when people are constantly interfering and having a negative influence.

“Boti Majulie is known for that one phrase that trended and we were trying to make him the best.”

The manager said they will not be taking on any new gigs but would deliver on scheduled performances.

According to Boti Majulie, he has spent all the money he made from his performances.

“Yes, I don’t have money,” he said.

“I’ve spent it all. Besides, it was not much.

“But with my next performance, I’m going to save as much as I can.

“I know people like to talk, but I’m not shaken by all of this.

“I have other things to celebrate, like moving into my RDP.”

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