Samkelo Ndlovu: Get over it. It was one of my pregnancy symptoms.

New mother, Samkelo Ndlovu is completely making the most of her journey of motherhood, however she’s not in the mood to entertain any ignorance on these social media streets.
Samke was irritated by the body-shaming antics of a Twitter user who tried to make fun at some of the side effects of her pregnancy.

While he was watching Rhythm City, a gentleman using the handle @Tshimologo10 took to Twitter to write:

“She lost a baby… shame… but did you see how black @SamkeloNdlovu’s Neck Is?”

He even went as far as hashtagging “#BlackNeck” in his post, however his attempt at a joke failed to receive any notice. Infact, numerous people reported him for abuse and his Tweet has since been erased.However, Samkelo Ndlovu still took the opportunity to call him out for his ignorance.

She wrote on Twitter:“Get over it. It was one of my pregnancy symptoms. But good on you for stooping as low as making fun of a pregnant woman for retweets. I hope you got what you wanted.”

When she was finished putting this hater in his place, she went ahead to celebrate the fact that many other women have also experienced similar body changes while carrying their little ones:

Samkelo Ndlovu is almost three weeks old and is treasuring every moment of motherhood. She recently shared a photo of her baby on Twitter for the world to see.

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