Why the Modiselle sisters still live with their parents

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While most of us were itching to leave the home, one of Mzansi’s most popular sisters say the key to happiness is actually staying with mother and dad at home. Who knew?

The Modiselle sisters – Refilwe, Candice and Bontle all have thriving careers in the entertainment industry, yet have revealed that they’re more joyful living together as a family instead of “struggling” on their own.

Candice revealed to Metro FM that Refilwe was 32 and that she still stays at home with the rest of them, and that they all preferred it that way.

“There is this pressure to move out but it just makes more sense to be at home…we (sisters) are still very close.”

Candice said time and again people move out yet become a burden to their folks by doing so.

Rather, the family chose to pool together their assets and live together. She said it helped to have several income streams in a household instead of struggling on your own.

Candice said she would eventually move out however everybody was “comfortable” and “happy” at the moment.

Even Bontle’s relationship with rapper Priddy Ugly hasn’t been affected by the choice, with her mother talking to him like a child does to NikNaks.

“She is an excellent judge of character. She can tell if someone is a bit shady or not,” Candice added.

Candice is the youngest of the three sisters who have surprised Mzansi and the Generations: The Legacy actress revealed to TshisaLIVE they had no plans to open up their home to a reality show like their US counterparts the Kardashians.

“Honestly, we are very protective of our lives. There is a misconception about what reality shows are about, that it is all about entertainment instead of about giving people a part of your life. Once we feel like reality shows are in the right place and we are in the right space, perhaps. Right now we are so focused on our own crafts that we haven’t even discussed it but you never know,” Candice said.

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