Faith Nketsi is hiring

Faith Nketsi is hiring.

Faith Nketsi, also known as Queen Twerk has announced that the company she’s associated with – Feline Management is searching for a bunch of ladies to hire.

Now we’re not quite sure what you’ll be required to do once you’re employed however according to the Feline Management Instagram page the main quaifications you need is to have the ability to dance, move and have a great time.

You need to be a physically appealing individual to be considered for this job.

It is also said that that there will be auditions set to be held for any ladies interested.

So if you think you got what it takes to be part of Faith Nketsi’s group of ladies then well, shoot your shot!

In case you’re pondering what type of females Feline management is looking for then we hope this photo will make it clear for you.

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