Lucia Jakeni: I was unemployed after Idols SA

Lucia Jakeni  , a former Idols SA season 12, contestant recently dropped her single, Wenzani Ngami. The track is written and produced by Afro-pop vocalist Linda Gcwensa and Lucia says she’s excited about it because the lyrics talk about her relationship battles.

“Wenzani Ngami will cause a lot of controversies because it speaks directly to men who do not want to take responsibility in their relationships and are not willing to commit,” Lucia says, adding many women stay in stagnant relationships hoping the men will change.

“You cook, clean, mother and take care of a man but he refuses to stand up and be the head of the home and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to marry you,” she says.

The Vaal-born artist says she was in a similar situation for 7 years, without a marriage proposal coming forward. Being a mother to 5-year-old Mlungisi and 4-year-old Musa, Lucia says after being eliminated from Idols she realised she needed to leave the relationship.

“Even before Idols things were not okay in my relationship, but being away for three months made me see things differently,” Lucia says.

When she returned home after Idols both she and her bae were jobless and their relationship wasn’t progressing so she chose to get out.“I had been doing everything in the relationship – he hadn’t paid damages to my family for our kids and I was always living with the hope he would one day change but things stayed the same and I was still taking care of the household with money I made at gigs and song royalties.”

Presently fresh from a separation and prepared to change her life, Lucia says she’s prepared to release her EP this year and she wishes to release music that will touch souls and change lives.

Wenzani Ngami is available for download on iTunes.

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