Diski Divas’ Sibongile Masuku is tired of a certain “spy” in her life

Reality television star and wife of Bloemfontein Celtic player Khethokwakhe Masuku, Sibongile Masuku, is sick and tired of a woman sneaking on her social media to spy for her enemies.

If you’ve watched Diski Divas, you’ll realize that Sibongile, better known as Sbosh ka iOne, isn’t in the business of filtering her opinion to suit other people.

She took to her Instagram to address a person, whom she doesn’t name, who has apparently been spreading gossip about her.

“Kanti where are your friends? Firstly you stole my best friend from me now you want to steal the one I have now? I’m talking to you! Yes you! I know your reading this post now.”

She included a few 😈 emojis for ambience then kept on to attack this “enemy” who is trying to poach her current bestie.

“I wish I had your number, but I know I’ll meet you and I’ll tell you face to face mxm.”

Side note: She’s extremely irritated fam. That mxm ain’t for show.

“Why are you sneaking around to my friends and asking about me? You even steal my pictures from Instagram. But anyway, I’m glad meaning because I can see akego robatse shame (you aint getting no sleep on my account).”

Obvs, Sbosh included some crying giggling emojis here. This ish is hilarious. 😂😂
*insert evil-like villian laugh*

Anyway, she proceeded with some advice and a stern warning.

“Ai shame, you won’t change. It’s no wonder you don’t have friends. One more thing: stop calling my friend and asking her about me. My fight (with my friend) is between us and has nothing to do with you. If you think you’ll come between us just like you did before with my (other) best friend, shame on you. I think this is the last warning. The second warning you already know. So please don’t push me nxah.”

Sibongile even tossed in a couple of suggestions of what her hater could do with all the time she spends gossiping about her.

“All you can do is buy R1, 000 airtime just to gossip, don’t you have anything to do? Or maybe you need to find a job because you not working or maybe go work for the media because otseba taba tsa batho (you know other people’s business). I’m tired of you maan, grow up.”

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