Lexi shows off Mandla’s body goals

Mandla and his better half Lexi have been living that healthy lifestyle and putting extra work at the gym and Lexi is proud to show off her boyfriends progress.

Lexi took to social media sharing a topless snap of Mandla flaunting his weight loss progress saying:

“See what consistency and dedication do: a six pack and flat tummy. I’ve just drank water to get rid of the cravings. You’re my goals…well done babe…You’re so handsome.”

Mandla Hlatshwayo

Lexi – who is also a group fitness coach – said in a recent interview on Massiv Metro that Mandla had lost almost 30 kilos

“He lost about 30 kilos…he’s a beast, he trains like, insane, he’s always been unhappy with that bit of stubborn fat and the weight so, now he shows off his six-pack…”

Mandla Hlatshwayo

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