Nhlanhla Nciza is slaying at 40

Nhlanhla Nciza has ventured into the next chapter of her life with a whole lot of oomph.

The artist celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday, and she looks all sorts of fabulous.

“I’m so grateful for all he has done for me blessing me with my family. My beloved husband and my beautiful children and amazing friends.

“Today I’m 40 years old and I would not change anything about my life. I’m thankful for my pain and suffering,” she said about reaching this milestone.”

Nhlanhla included that even in her saddest moments she’s never felt alone.

“I truly believe that God loves me as I have never felt that I was alone. During every struggle and happiness, during my sorrows and joys I have never felt alone . During the car accident that almost left me paralyzed He was there. When I lost my beautiful baby girl Zinathi He was there, showed me his might and his love and He comforted me.”

This is how slaying at 40 looks like:

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