Phindile Gwala: her ex used to accuse her of ‘fake’ crying

Imagine being told you are acting, when you are hurt and genuinely trying to express yourself to your bae… that is the sort of crap Phindile Gwala needed to deal with before she found her Mr. Perfect, Armando Ngandu.

The actress revealed to Drum how she was to have found a man who doesn’t make her career an “issue” in their relationship.

Phindile reflected a period when an ex of hers dismissed her tears as an act after he’d hurt her.

“I dated someone for over two years and every time he did something wrong and I would cry about it, he would say ‘Uyabona ke manje, usuqala uku actor’ (You see now, you are starting with the acting).”

After a few reports have stated that the actress was engaged end of last year, Phindile later confirmed that Armando paid lobola in December.

The actress said she was excited to have finally found someone who didn’t want to make a “token girlfriend” out of her.

“I struggled with dating, especially when I started acting. Men would sometimes approach me because they saw me on TV and they wanted me to be the token girlfriend.

Phindile, who is known for her Muvhango character Nonny, announced a year ago that she had resigned from the SABC 2 soapie in order to have more time for her business.

Sunday Sun revealed that Phindile said she resinged for the sake of her brand’s growth.

“I resigned because I have been there for some time and I want to grow my brand beyond Muvhango,” she apparently told the paper.

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